Setting up and Installing AIAB r10.5 for WinUae

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Welcome! This chapter shows you the steps required to setup your copy of WinUAE for AIAB r10.5. (I will be using Workbench 3.1 adf in this guide)

1. Download WinUAE executable (Setup program) from

2. Download aiab.exe from here

3. Install WinUAE and follow on screen instructions.

4. Double click aiab.exe and enter the path to winuae directory (default path is - C:\Program Files\Winuae) and then click Unzip.

5. Next copy your Kick-Start rom file into C:\Program Files\Winuae\Roms directory.

6. Now launch WinUAE.

7. If it asks you to ‘Detect 16-bit Pixel format’, click Yes.

8. Go to Configurations Properties

9. Click on:- Default (WinUAE v1.x configuration file for AIAB r10.5) and click the Load button.

10. Go to ROM Properties and click ... button and set the path to your kick-start 3.0/3.1 ROM File

11. Go back to Configurations Properties, click on:- Default (WinUAE v1.x configuration file for AIAB r10.5) and click the Save button.

12. Now click the Start button to run emulation.

13. When you see 'press return to begin', Press F12 and then select Disk Drives (previously known as Floppies) Properties.

14. On the DF0: slot click the ... button on the right and select your Workbench 3.0/3.1 A.D.F (Amiga Disk File).

14. Now click the OK button to run emulation and then press return to begin the aiab setup.

15. After the files from your workbench disk have been copied to hard disk you will then be asked to select a display mode. Click on either 'uaegfx:800x600 16bit/32bit' or '1024x768 16bit/32bit' and click save.

16. Next, select your keymap (as I live in the UK, I would click British)

17. Next, select your preferred icon set.

18. Then, Press return.

19. You'll next be asked 'Do you wish to enable mouse wheel support?', if you have a wheelie mouse click Yes, if you don't select No.

20. Next, select your preferred GUI style (i.e. click AIAB-OS4)

21. Now select your preferred StartMenu (i.e. click AmiStart (new))

22. When asked 'do you wish to mount your CD-ROM drive?' click Yes.

23. Now when asked, press return to reboot. AIAB should now boot.


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Copyright (c) Paul, The Green Amiga Alien.

Last Updated: February 2006