Using Quickstart in WinUAE

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How do I run a basic Amiga Game via Quickstart in WinUAE?

1. Launch WinUAE.

2. Select Quickstart from under Settings (arrow a).

3. Under Emulated Hardware:

4. Move the Compatibility vs Required CPU Power slider all the way to the left if you want 100% compatibility (also required to load/run/use *ipf files).

If you have an older PC which is <1.5 GHz then move this slider one setting to the right for better speed.

5. Under Emulated Floppy Drives next to Floppy drive DF0:, click on button labelled Select disk image (arrow e)

6. Select your adf (Amiga Disk File) image and click Open

7. Then click Start (OK in older versions of WinUAE) to start emulation.

If you received the following alert box:

"One of the following system ROMs is required:

- KS ROM v1.3 (A500,A1000,A2000) rev 34.5 (256k)

- KS ROM v1.3 (A3000) rev 34.5 (256k)

Check the System ROM Path in the Paths panel and click Rescan ROMs."

To manually select you ROM then:

a.  Click OK

b. Go to ROM Properties and click ‘...’ button and set the path to your kick-start 1.3 ROM File.

c. Re-select Quickstart from under Settings (arrow a) and continue from step 4 above.

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Last Updated: August 2006