Using Save States in WinUAE

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How do I use the Save State feature in WinUAE?

First, please note that the save state feature in WinUAE is not compatible with hard disk emulation. So, only use a floppy based Amiga configuration.

1. Load up your floppy (ADF) game as normal.

2. When you want to "save" press F12.

3. Select Misc from under Hosts (arrow a).

4. Click Save State... (arrow b).

5. Next type in a file name (arrow c)

6. Click Save (arrow d)

When you want to re-load/restore a save state file then:

1. Press F12.

2. Select Misc from under Hosts (red arrow a).

3. Click Load State... (blue arrow e) and double-click on the file.

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Last Updated: August 2006