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General Guides

Here you will find a selection of General Emulation Guides

WinUAE Guides

Install and setup WinUAE

This guide shows you the steps required to setup your copy of WinUAE

Using Quickstart in WinUAE

How to run a basic ADF game with A500 config via the 'Quickstart' feature

Changing Disks in WinUAE

Guide on how to 'change disks' and how to use the 'Disk Swapper' feature

Using Save States in WinUAE

Guide on how to use the 'Save State' feature in WinUAE

WinUAE Video Output

Guide on how to capture and record video using WinUAE Output

WinFellow Guides

Install and setup WinFellow

Guide on how to Install and setup Winfellow with an A500 configuration