Chapter 5 - How to Install Picasso96

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In this chapter we will setup and install Picasso96.

a. Please make sure you have downloaded and copied Picasso96.lha to C:\Program Files\WinUAE\Hard Disks\Programs directory.

b. Next re-launch the WinUAE program, left click the config you made, click the Load button and click OK/Start to start emulation.

c. When workbench has booted, double click System, double click the next System drawer in the window that opened, and then double click Shell to open Amiga DOS.

d. Now we’ll extract the Picasso96.lha archive, So type:

lha x programs:picasso96.lha programs: and press Return/Enter

e. Type in: endcli and press Return/Enter and close all open windows.

Install Picasso96:

1. Double click Programs on the workbench screen.

2. Double click System, then Double click Picasso96Install

3. Double click Setup. The Installation program will open.

4. Click Proceed.

5. Click Proceed. (Make sure you leave it set to First Install)

6. Click Proceed With Install (Make sure you leave it set to Intermediate User)

7. Click Proceed. (Make sure you leave it set to Install for Real and None)

8. Click Proceed another 4 times.

9. Click on ‘No’ (you can read the docs later)

10. Click Proceed. (Make sure you leave it only set to uaegfx - Do not select any of the other settings unless you are using real Amiga hardware)

11. Click on SYS:Libs

12. Click on SYS:Devs/Monitors

13. Click on SYS:Prefs

14. Click on SYS:Devs/Picasso96Settings

15. Click on Select another location

16. Left click on DH0: System:

17. Left click on Storage

18. Then Click Proceed.

19. Click Yes.

20. Click Yes.

21. Click Yes.

22. Click Proceed.

23. Click Proceed

24. Click Proceed with Copy

25. Click Proceed with Copy

26. Click Proceed with Copy

27. Click Proceed with Copy

28. Click Proceed with Copy

29. Click Proceed with Copy

30. Click Proceed with Copy

31. Click Proceed

32. Click Skip This Part (Picasso96Mode Pref is only needed for real Amigas with graphics cards)

33. Click Skip This Part

34. Click Proceed with Copy

35. Click Proceed

36. Click Proceed

37. Click Proceed

38. Click Proceed

39. Now restart the Amiga by holding down the 3 keys:

CTRL + LEFT WINDOW + RIGHT WINDOW keys (or press CTRL + INSERT + HOME in older versions of WinUAE) Or, you could just press F12 then click reset on bottom left.

40. Double click System, double click Prefs and then ScreenMode

41. Scroll down and select uaegfx:640x480 16bit/32bit PC (or uaegfx:800x600 16bit/32bit PC)

42. Move the Colors slider all the way to the right.

43. Click Save.

44. You should now have a sharper and better looking screen.


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